How to Clean Your Old Cricket Equipment (100% Proven to Work)

The only way you’re equipment is going to least for years to come is not to play less aggressive, but learning to take care of your equipment with cleaning and washing, is the way to go.

That’s why you need to read this guide I actually prepared for you and I hope this makes you change your habits.

My pair of gloves and pads didn’t last more than a year…

…But after adopting this method I’m still wearing the same equipment for two years and a half now.

How To Clean Cricket Batting Pads

The biggest thing causing damage to your pads is yourself… I mean, Your Sweat…

It encourages the growth of fungi and dry out the leather and over time it weakens the fabrics and stitching.

cricket batting pads


Get some:

  • Water
  • Mild soap
  • Baking soda
  • Bucket
  • Soft cloth



After This Your Pads Will Be Restored

1. Dry your pads

After every use, dry your pads. Don’t put them inside your bag right away, while full of sweat… Allow to dry. If you don’t do this fungus and other bacteria will germinate.

2. Wash the Inside of Your Pads

Check if there are inside detachable pads… If there’s any, remove it and hand wash with mild soap or with your home detergent.

After they dry completely rinse and place them back on the pad.

If it’s not detachable, sprinkle baking soda over it. After a couple of hours brush it off.

3. Wash The Front of Your Pads

Most of the time you’ll find dirt on the front of your pads… Moisten a Soft Cloth or a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with water and wipe it off.

If you find that the amount of dirt is more than usual and need a deep cleaning, don’t worry: Do the same process, but this time…

Take a bucket and fill it with water, than add two or three drops of soap. Moisten a Soft Cloth and wipe the dirt off the pads.

After this, dry it with a soft cloth and allow to air-dry completely.

Your Gloves Will Look Like New

With your gloves is no different… The enemy is Your Sweat.




What you will need:



(Attention) Please, Avoid Liquid Cleansers on the Grip

This is the Number One Rule when cleaning Batting Gloves. The grip on batting gloves should not be compromised.

Avoid using any liquid cleansers on gloves along with any cleansers that are oil-based.

Restoring Your Gloves with this Simple Process

(1) Allow your gloves to dry naturally. After that remove the dirt off the surface of the gloves using a soft bristled brush.

(2) Apply a leather conditioner (of course, following the instructions on the product label) to clean the leather parts of the gloves and keep them flexible.

This is crucial because the sweat over time can harden the leather, making it difficult for you to keep a good grip on the bat. So, keep that in mind… Don’t skip the leather conditioner.

(3) At last, allow the gloves to dry.

Got it? So, My advice is: Repeat this process after every use, until the season is over. You’ll equipment will last for more than a year. Trust me.

Now for the Batsmen

I think your helmet is the most important piece of your protection. You too right?

I’m glad you think like me… Now lets take care of it, because…

You’ll need:




Your Helmet Can Last for Years

You see, your helmet is exposed to dust, stains and impact marks.

That is the outside of the helmet. Now the inside, is pretty much exposed to your sweat.

So you’ll learn  how to clean correctly your cricket helmet with simple methods…

I’ll try no to be too fancy and be as clear as possible while explaining.

The Shell: Wash, Clean and Shine

(1) Mix up warm water and mild soap on a bucket and with a microfiber towel soak the washing solution and lay it over the helmet, mostly on the dirty areas. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

Remove the towel and gently rub the dirt by hand, off the helmet, with the help of the washing solution.

Avoid scrubbing the towel with pressure on the shell… It’s what causes swirls.

(2) Look for all solution residues on the shell and with a moist microfibre towel wipe it away.

Now, with a dry microfibre towel dry the shell.

(3) Keep your helmet clean, shine and free from sun damage with this UV Protectant Spray. Eventually polish your helmet with this spray.

Take Care of Your Cricket Bat


You’ll need:

  • Soft Cloth
  • Alcohol




(1) Well, this should be enough for you to take care of your bat.

One of the best and simple ways to take care of your cricket bat is to rub the wood alcohol after every use.

Rub all the way from the top of the bat down to handle, where sweat and grime hugely accumulate. Pay attention to that area.


Well, fellow reader, I took my time to write this article and I hope you’re the special one with will follow my advice and take well care of your equipment.




Masuri Cricket Helmet Vision Series Club 2018: The World Class Cricket Helmet Beginners and Pros Need for Playing Out of Worries – My Review

“A need for improvement in player safety had been identified by the ICC. In response we have developed the Masuri Vision Series.” – Masuri

The number one concern of all Cricket Players, before performance is (or at least should be) safety at all manners.

Cricket Helmet must always be there, protecting our head and face from injury, meanwhile not affecting the player overall performance.

Thinking of that, I wrote this review for you to understand why this is helmet is your best choice for head protection.

So that said let’s jump for the part where you’ll have the answer.

Masuri’s cricket helmets are designed for cricketers by cricketers

Masuri began to create the first lightweight, adjustable helmet and soon became the most widely worn in the first class and International arena…

Their helmets became the choice of influential players such as Mike Atherton, Graham Gooch, Robin Smith and Brian Lara.

Masuri were also the first to introduce the titanium visor, fielding visor, wicket keeping helmet and the compact, three layer ‘sandwich construction’ shell…

On this cricket market leader, there is very little to distrust in their products.

Masuri Vision Series Helmet is the trump card for this company to remain in the lead…

Comes with features such as Eye-Line Grille, Air Flow vents and some other will talk about.

This is a series of three helmets: The Elite, The Test and The Club version.

Ones are most affordable, meanwhile with fewer feautures but still get the Job done securing the wearer’s head.

This series of cricket helmets was designed thinking of First Class Protection for all Cricketers.

First Class Protection for all Cricketers

Your No.1 Concern – Safety

This is the main reason you should buy this helmet. Once you wear it, your head stays off the danger zone.

If you don’t think this a serious issue, see how The 28-year-old, England Cricket player, Stuart Broad fractured his nose , by a bouncer ball.

After his recovery, came back playing and shifted his helmet from ‘Ayrtek’ to the well-respected ‘Masuri’ Vision Series.

Now Masuri is the helmet of the England Cricket team… Its standards are way ahead of the competition.


We can all become a bit jaded and cynical around being marketed to, can’t we?

When we read, there’s a patented this or a turbo-charged, fusion-filtered that, it’s easy to scoff.

Except cricket helmets are different. They have to be. Their absolute currency is your safety.

Unfortunately, incidents like Stuart Broad’ injury show the dangers and lessons are still there.

Time to get into what really sets this helmet apart from the competition…

  • Head Protection

Masuri made a system called The Twin Shell Protection System… 

How it works? An energy-absorbing foam between the inner and outer shells, crushes and dissipates the energy of the ball, reducing the impact pressure on the head.

Now you ask… For how long that systems keeps the Helmet safe? Depending on the damage, you may want to keep the helmet or get another right away.

This kid got hit by the ball on his head… Lucky for him he was wearing a Masuri Vision Series Helmet.


  • Extra-strength Helmet Rim


The Masuri Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) is an extra-strength helmet rim featured on every model in the Vision Series range.

Made from the latest reinforced plastics, HRS significantly increases player protection by ensuring minimal deformation of the helmet shell during impact.

See those stripes under the helmet rim? It’s responsible for preventing the helmet rim to suffer deformation.

  • Eye-Line Grille

I find the Masuri Patented Eye-Line Grille to be one of the TOP features of this helmet.

I’m absolutely in love with it…. Simply because it is a genius.

The Eye-Line Grille + The HRS, make a wonderful job catching all kinds of balls in cricket.

Now watch how Riki Wessels catches a ball with a Masuri Vision Series Elite Helmet.

Dangerous, right? But suddenly when you’re wearing a Masuri Vision Series Helmet, it looks really cool…

The Eye-Line Grille is simply an additional top bar, placed at the player eye-line.

What it does is: when the ball impacts, the rear bar forces the ball upwards towards the solid part of the peak and deflects it away from the player’s face*.

The down part is that you’ll only find this feature with the Masuri VS Elite, for $185 on

  • Air Flow Vents

The innovative 3-layer protection system incorporates strategically placed vents in the inner and outer shells…

…and air channels throughout the cavity, allowing air to circulate freely at all times, keeping the wearer cool.


Pros and Cons

Since Masuri Vision Series Helmet launch, in 2014, a lot has improved for the latest models and now we should take a look at the actual goods and bads.

The Positives:

  • Meets the 2013 ICC Safety Standards.
  • Protect the wearer against deliveries up to 90 mph
  • Wide Range Vision. No unnecessary vision obstruction
  • Superior build quality material
  • Confortable to wear
  • Variety of models, colours and sizes
  • Titanium Grille Helmets are almost 200g lighter than the Steel Grille Helmets, with superior impact protection too.

The Negatives

  • Some people complaint about the weight, especially for kids. With the Junior Masuri helmet that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • No more than 3 years wearing the same helmet – Masuri recommends.

2015 Masuri Vision series cricket helmets review

Compare the Vision Series Helmets

HelmetGrille MaterialPriceRatingPurchase
Vision Series Elite
Eye Line Grille -
Titanium / Steel
$189.99 + 4.7 / 5
Vision Series Test
Titanium / Steel$149.99 +4.0 / 5
Vision Series Club
Steel$89.99 +3.2 / 5

Biggest difference between them is the Grille Material. You shouldn’t be worried about the safety, they have (almost) no differente on this aspect.

Is this Helmet Durable?

As a matter of fact… It depends… And the two factors that really influence are:

The type of impact to which the helmet is subject…

And the Vision Series Helmet Model,

Some impacts don’t really get to crush or even damage the foam in between the inner and outer shells…

Other impacts are too heavy a end up crushing the helmet… In this case, the wisest thing to do would be getting a new helmet, as recommended by the manufacturer.

And different from the Masuri Vision Series Test and Elite, I see the Masuri Vision Series Club not the same durability, althought offering the same protection, .

Is it RIght for Me?

If you’re not sure what helmet to go for, follow my recommendations:

  • For Beginners: Either you’re a kid or an adult, if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to give a kickstart with the Masuri Vision Series Club with Steel Grille,
  • For Intermediates: If you’re part of a team in a local championship and between friends who, you’ll want to go with the Masuri Vision Series Test, which has a much stronger sheel compared to the Vision Series Club Helmet.
  • For Professionals: If you’re competing at Locals or Nationals, I don’t have to mention that you’re exposed to deliveries up to  90 mph. So be sure you’re safe, with a Masuri Vision Series Elite Helmet.

Extra-Protection with the StemGuard

Can’t talk about the Masuri Vision Series without mentioning the StemGuard.

It’s a plus gadget useful to protect your backhead and neck.

It weighs almost a 100 grams but it’s worth the protection. Once it’s on you won’t feel the difference.

Fits on every Masuri Vision Series Helmet, and its easy to adjust.

It’s worth the Investement. You can buy this for $69 on Amazon.